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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Iran's Plans for Nuclear Sub

Nadene Goldfoot
Iran doesn't really need medical supplies that come only from nuclear materials.  This country is now planning to get either offensive or defensive with a nuclear sub.   "Their program is not now, nor has it ever been, civilian in nature. It is a military program. The U.S. and our allies need to get serious about crippling economic and diplomatic sanctions, and we need to do it right now."  They say they have a sub planned so that they can justify refining uranium to a higher level.  The cart is before the horse.  Again they say that the sub is for peace only.  I don't know why they say this being nobody can believe them. " No agreement was reached in Baghdad but the seven countries agreed to continue discussions in Moscow."

Three weeks ago Israel bought 4 Dolph class diesel-electric subs from Germany that are capable of launching nuclear-tipped cruise missiles within range of Syria and Iran with a 1,500 km radius.  .

While Israel has taken the rain of Gaza made up of mortars, missiles and rockets for the past 12 years, the world is complaining that it is Israel that is the major threat to world peace.  Nobody says a word about the fact that they have not had any peace since 1948.   If there isn't a major war on, there are lots of suicide bombers and pot-shots going on against the tiny state.

The USA has more nuclear subs than anyone in the world.  They have ballistic missiles and attack missiles that are nuclear powered.  The Tomahawk Land Attack missile travels 1,000 miles inland. There are 43 Los Angeles subs and 19 that are retired.  There is the Sturgeon, the Seawolf and the Virginia,  There are 18 in the Ohio class.  The difference between the USA and Iran is that the USA has them for defensive weapons, not to start a war with.  The same is for Israel.  If irrational enemies have such weapons, one must protect themselves.


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