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Thursday, November 7, 2013

So What? Did Abbas Really Leave the Peace Table?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

                                                      The Peace Table:  Is it now empty?

The word floating around Cairo's TV news was that the peace talks between Abbas and Israel faltered seriously yesterday or ended.  Today's headlines out of Amman, Jordan read, "Kerry warns of violence if peace talks fail."

 To divert people's attention from Abbas, the news just announced that Arafat's test shows that he just may have been poisoned by polonium after all which is pointing a finger towards Israel. It sounds more like something that Iran could have had in their cupboard of uranium-like ingredients.   Arafat's the one who wouldn't make peace, being the head of the PLO-the origin of Fatah.  It couldn't have been someone eager to take Arafat's place, G-d forbid, could it?  Abbas is an impatient soul.  After all, Arafat, after putting up with him for 56 years, was already an icon to Israel.  An enemy you know is better than one you don't know.  He was old already at age 75 and in poor health from some of his exploits.  So now Israel is going to poison him?  Come on, people.

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, warned Israel by telling this tiny state that they face international isolation and possibly more violence if it doesn't make progress in their efforts with the Palestinians.  Israel has already released violent criminals that should have been executed in any other Democratic state with such a penalty, but because Israel has no death sentence, were in prison.  Israel has been compliant to this Palestinian demand, as distasteful and dangerous as it was.    Now, what have they done in turn for Israel?  Oh yes, they've had a hissy over Israel building apartment buildings in Judea-Samaria.

 The article remains silent about any comments to the Palestinians from Kerry.  Only Israel is chastised and threatened by the USA.
All the Palestinians have to do is mention de-legitimization of Israel which is said to be already happening in certain circles.  I suppose international law, recognition of Israel by the UN by all the states isn't enough for Kerry to stand his ground for Israel.

Oh, if Israel doesn't comply, they may face the consequence of the Palestinians being led by a violent leader.  I imagine he's talking about Hamas, who already has much control and has been sending down mortars, rockets and missiles into Israel since 2001.  I don't think  that Kerry has done much about that in any leverage in defense for Israel.  He's not a speaker for Israel, anyway.  He's just a moderator with the job of keeping them talking till April 14th, 2014.  He's threatening more conflict.  Well, Israel has had that to put up with since 1948.  There's been very few people who ever stepped in to defend Israel's rights like there has been for the Palestinians, I note.

Jordan is making known what they  would like to have as well.  They expect a common border with this state of Palestine, the fate of the multiplying refugees displaced in 1967's war and of course, Jerusalem where Jordan has the custody now of the Christian and Muslim holy sites.  Will Jordan lose this to Palestine?  He's also complaining about Israel's building in what Palestine wants as their state, a state without any Jewish building on it.  Or people.  They do not want Jews to live in their state, only Muslims.  They don't have the altruistic attitude of   Israel or even the USA who are homes to diverse people.  They want to be the 23rd state of an all Arab all Muslim state, and they are in the act of trying to take over other religion's holy sites as well.
Netanyahu has explained to Obama many times that Israel will not withdraw to any pre-1967 lines because they are indefensible.  Are countries asking Israel to commit suicide?  There are other expectations that are important to Israel that are not being met.  They want to be recognized as the Jewish state.   Jews were treated as dhimmis in the Middle East, a 2nd class or lower status.  The Arabs find this a hard bone to swallow with their bloated pride.  They are planning to get back property they never owned in the first place in the heart of Israel.  Israel isn't about to give up 1/4th of Jerusalem called East Jerusalem to them, either.  It's a Jewish capital, the  capital of David, King of Israel, and not a Muslim holding.  They're doing just fine, better than ever when they were in Jordanian hands.

I wonder if anyone remembers that it was through Israel's blood and defense that they won in 1967.  Israel won that  attack.  Why should they be the ones to suffer and give  everything dear up when the losers lost?  Isn't that why people fight wars?

Sitting down and making peace with people who really have peace in their heart seems like a dream.  I know it has happened with other countries in the past.  It happened between the USA and Mexico and the USA and Japan.  It happened with USA and Canada.  It had happened with England and France and even the European  with countries and Germany.   Most all of us just want to enjoy life and live happily ever after.  We want to succeed in our endeavors to provide for our family a stable environment.  We want to enjoy the fruits of our culture; computers, I-pads, videos, movies, great schools,  our beliefs in G-d, have the right to visit and see the world.  Harboring only destruction of a people changes their view of all this.  This is what Israel is up against- a people who for for almost 66 years refuse to accept Israel and have fought them. Whereas Egypt and Jordan finally came around and signed peace accords, Palestinians have not. For people who never had a country, they are very demanding, if nothing else.  These Arabs are a hodgpodge from the surrounding areas in the first place, not a displaced people.  They came, they saw, they worked for the Jews and now they want their land.

The Palestinians had been offered their own state of Palestine in 1948 when Israel accepted a bad deal that was the remains of conferencing with the British for years with their offered deal in the Balfour Declaration.  That was a broken paper by the British, but Israel decided that something was better than nothing.;  However, the Palestinians' thinking is that nothing is better as they'll wait  to take everything.  No way, Abbas, you had your chance.  Now make peace and quit  with your demands and  braggadocia about your terrific suicide bombers and such and how this is your idea of a culture to live next to Israel who on your maps has been erased, or never posted at all.  I for one am not broken up if you leave this peace table.  You offer very little anyway but trouble.  I see no peaceful living at the end of the tunnel with you.


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