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Friday, January 6, 2012

Have Jews Lived in Pakistan?

Nadene Goldfoot
In the days of Alexander the Great, the Greeks camped out in Sindh, near today's city of Karachi, and prepared their fleet for Babylonia. 

Pakistan was created from the fighting between Muslims and Hindus in India.  A lot of Muslims finally moved out into their own state called Pakistan.

Pakistan had been created out of the East and West portions of British India and was established 14 August 1947.  By 1956 they declared it an Islamic Republic and was ruled from 1972-1977 by Zulfikar Bhutto.  In 2008 Asif ali Zardari became President.  He was the husband of Benazir Bhutto, who had been Prime Minister two times previously  Zardari took over from  Pervez Musharraf.  Pervez Musharraf, born 1943 was chief of the army and took power ousting PM Nawaz Sharif and took over.  He promised democracy, law and order.  Ten years later he had to resign. Now he lives in London,  but had allied Pakistan with the USA and was against the Taliban after our 9/11 attack in New York.

He has been planning to establish ties with Israel, and has even wanted to be the mediator between the Palestinians and Israelis. The problem is that the Pakistanis are on the side of the Palestinians, being both are Muslims. However, he says he now realizes that Israel is a fait accompli and he is a realist. He sees a benefit for Pakistan from a good relationship. 

Pakistan has the 2nd highest Muslim population in the world with 172,800,000 of which 97% are Muslims that are Sunni/Shi'a.  It is an Islamic state.  Even so, in 1947 there were about 1,500 Jews living there that were tradesmen, artisans, poets, philosophers and civil servants.  Many moved to Israel after May 1948 as there has always been anti-semitism in the land, but then it became anti-Israel quickly.

In 1881 there were 153 Jews living in the Sindh province, and by the early 1900's there were 1,000 living in Karachi.  In 1919 there were 650.  Peshanoar was home to a smaller group.  Most were Baghdadi Jews.  Bukhareans and Mizrahi Jews were from Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan.  Bene Israel Jews were from India and lived in Karachi.  I had met some of these Bene Israel Jews in Israel, and the gal I had met was absolutely beautiful. 

Karachi was the capital from 1947 to about 1958, but then with the influx of Indian Muslims, Islamabad was chosen. 

The reasoning to get closer to Israel for one is the connection Israel has with India.  They are friendly.  He feels that Israel influences many against Pakistan.  In the meantime, Taliban terrorists executed 15 security soldiers by shooting that had been kidnapped and dumped on a hilltop in NW Pakistan on Thursday.  This was a retaliation killing of a militant commander by government forces.  They did that after promising not to attack the Pakistani military. 

One can remember that Osama bin Laden was captured in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.  The president hadn't seemed to be very cooperative with the USA to capture him when he was living only a few blocks away from an army base. 

Oregonian newspaper page A7, Taliban execute captive soldiers-from Islamabad


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But greeks have north African dna

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It is pashtun , and they dont have little semite dna because they are living in north area of indian subcontinent where j dna is found . The Indians , sindhis and bindis are the ones from joktan (qahtan) ,one of the sons of qahtan . The pashtun if they are Israelites are samiritans from king talut . Prophet Hud and Saleh pbt had descendants this is the imliq and akkadians